Vancouver Home Magazine Ingenious Island

Vancouver Home Magazine Feature | Taupe-blue heated limestone floors from Northern Croatia. Modulnova manufactured glass countertops, cabinets and back splashes made from 100% recyclable materials and give zero emissions.

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Movato Home

Designers Vanja Santic and Dario Drinovac, who own Vancouver firm ROOM8, sought out the highest quality glass, stone, wood and leather, and designed the three-bedroom house in such a way that one element never takes center stage.

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Baxter Memory Bedside Table Wins Award

The Memory Bedside Table had to meet an extensive criteria carried out by furniture connoisseurs with years of experience in techniques such as buffed polishing with shellac, a process which consists of a lac resin melted into thin flakes to create a varnish giving wood a bright finish and the French Polishing process which is technique that results in a very high gloss surface.

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Western Living Magazine – Alton

When a Kelowna client needed a kitchen that encouraged guests to flow freely through his modernist home, the team at Room8 crafted a sleek design that plays up colour and cool. Try these five tips to get the look.

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